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Collapsing Retaining Wall

A retaining wall serves the dual purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and ensuring the stability and safety of your property. Any damage or collapse of this wall is not just a cosmetic issue but also poses a safety risk and could decrease the value of your home. 

For three decades, Indiana Foundation Service has been providing assistance to homeowners with retaining walls. We understand the significance of ensuring your home’s safety and can provide you with professional foundation repairs that last

What Is a Collapsing Retaining Wall? 

A collapsing retaining wall is a structure that cannot support the soil and substrate it was intended to hold back. This wall failure leads to cracks, leaning, bowing, or even total failure and collapse. Consequently, these issues result in soil erosion or landslides. It can harm nearby foundations or basement walls, ultimately affecting the entire structure. 

The purpose of a retaining wall is to restrain lateral pressure from soil, making sloping areas usable for gardens, driveways, or terraces. When a retaining wall fails, it puts the level ground it supports at risk and can become a significant safety issue. 

What Causes a Retaining Wall to Collapse? 

There are several reasons why a retaining wall may collapse, including: 

  • Poor Construction: If low-quality materials are used, the design is faulty, or the foundation lacks strength, the wall can become damaged and collapse. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: The pressure from water in soil that expands can become too great for the wall to resist over time. 
  • Water Accumulation: If there is inadequate drainage, water can accumulate behind the wall and increase the pressure. 
  • Soil Erosion: Soil that is eroding at the base of the wall can make it less stable. 
  • Tree Roots: The roots of trees can cause damage to the wall by shifting the soil around it and even puncturing it. 
  • Natural Forces: Earthquakes or other movements in the ground can cause the wall to become unstable. 
  • Aging: Over time, materials may gradually weaken, losing their ability to support the weight they once could. 

It is important to identify the root cause of the problem to repair and stabilize your retaining wall for the long term. Indiana Foundation Service can provide a free, thorough inspection to discover the source of the problem and recommend the best repair plan for your home. 

Can You Fix a Collapsing Retaining Wall? 

If retaining walls are leaning or cracking, it’s crucial to address the issue to prevent further damage. Simply patching up the wall with quick fixes like adding soil or concrete won’t suffice, as these offer only temporary solutions. 

To properly stabilize and potentially straighten a retaining wall, you must address the underlying issues causing the weakening. This means implementing integrated solutions to strengthen the wall foundation and drain excess moisture. Indiana Foundation Service offers permanent and warrantied retaining wall repair solutions that effectively achieve this goal. 

How to Fix a Collapsing Retaining Wall 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we recognize the individual needs of each home and the unique repair solutions required. Here’s a brief overview of how we address collapsing retaining walls:

Initial Inspection 

Our team of experts will conduct a complimentary inspection of your home and the problematic wall. Once we have identified the cause of the collapse, we will recommend repairs tailored to fit the needs of your home and your budget. 

Wall Reinforcement 

We use durable wall anchors to stabilize the wall long-term, prevent movement, and enhance the condition of the retaining wall. Our installation process involves the following steps: 

  • Excavating a few feet from the retaining wall 
  • Drilling a hole in the wall 
  • Inserting a connecting rod through the hole 
  • Placing an earth anchor plate in the excavated area 
  • Connecting the rod and earth anchor plate 
  • Installing a wall plate on the retaining wall 
  • Joining the wall plate and rod 
  • Refilling the excavated dirt 
  • Tightening the wall plate and rod to potentially improve the wall 

Drainage Improvement 

To prevent water buildup near your home and retaining walls, installing and maintaining exterior drainage systems such as gutters and downspouts is crucial. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we offer a range of repair solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Our products are superior to store-bought alternatives and deliver long-lasting and effective results. 

Why Address a Collapsing Retaining Wall Now 

It’s essential to address any damage to a retaining wall as soon as possible because: 

  • Delaying repairs can result in the wall collapsing and causing property damage. 
  • Leaning walls are both unattractive and unsafe. 
  • A damaged wall can lead to flooding due to poor drainage. 
  • Surrounding patios, landscaping, or structures may become unstable as a result. 
  • Repairs become more complicated and expensive over time. 

Indiana Foundation Service offers an integrated retaining wall repair system that provides a long-term solution with annual maintenance plans. With our industry-leading lifetime warranty, you can trust that the job will be done right the first time, ensuring that your landscape is safe and functional. 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Retaining Wall Stabilization Solutions 

If you notice any signs of leaning, cracking, or buckling in your concrete, block, or brick retaining walls, contact Indiana Foundation Service for a free inspection. Our repair experts will assess the damage and develop a customized solution to permanently stabilize your wall. 

With 30 years of experience in reinforcing failing retaining walls, you can rely on our team to restore the structural integrity of your landscape. We prioritize your safety and peace of mind, so our work is supported by a long-term warranty. Contact us today to properly repair your retaining walls. 


If your retaining wall is leaning, bulging, cracking, or sinking, it may be damaged and no longer adequately supported. Additionally, adjacent basement or foundation walls may show similar issues. 

The cost of repairs will depend on the extent of the damage and the type and amount of repairs needed. Please contact us for a free inspection, transparent pricing, and financing options

Repair times vary, but most projects can be completed within a week. During your free evaluation, your IFS inspector will review project details and provide an estimate of the duration. 

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